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"Mr. Brain" premiere reaches 25%

TBS's aired the first episode of its "MR.BRAIN" drama series on Saturday. As expected for a drama starring Takuya Kimura, viewership ratings were high, achieving 24.8% in the Kanto region and 25.2% in Kansai.

Aside from Kimura, the show also features popular stars like Haruka Ayase and Hiro Mizushima. TBS has also been promoting the guest stars in each episode, such as Ebizo Ichikawa and Ryoko Hirosue in this premiere episode. Gackt and Kazuya Kamenashi are among the guests for future episodes.

This marks the best opening of any drama series this season by far, and it is also that time slot's (Saturday 8:00pm) highest ratings since TBS began airing dramas in the slot last spring.


I heard this drama is pretty funny, anyone else looking forward to it being subbed?
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