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Okami They Didn't!
♥ ♥ ai otsuka

TOKYO (AP) - Forget "Classic" or "New" Coke. In Japan, you can soon have your cola flavored with green tea or basil.

Green tea-flavored Coca-Cola will hit Japanese stores June 8, Coca Cola (Japan) Co. spokesman Katsuya Sato said Thursday. It contains tea antioxidants called catechins, leaves a slight green tea aftertaste and is mainly targeted at health-conscious women in their 20s and 30s, Sato said.

"We wanted to cater to people who are looking for something that tastes good but is also good for health and beauty," he said.

Coca Cola is the leader in Japan's cola market but faces stiff competition from non-carbonated bottled drinks such as tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Rival Pepsi Cola is countering with another exotic cola - Japanese basil-flavored "Pepsi Shiso," which hits stores in late June. (source + weirdnews@twitter.com)

i am in full support of this debut.
28th-May-2009 08:23 pm - "Gokusen" movie cast details
Xander (U-Kiss)
With "Gokusen: The Movie" less than a couple months away, a new announcement has revealed that six more actors from the drama's earlier seasons will be returning, including Shun Oguri and Mocomichi Hayami.

The movie is already known to focus on the cast of the show's third season, which aired in 2008. It was previously announced that Yuya Takaki, Haruma Miura, and Yuta Tamamori are part of the main cast. At the end of last month, it was also revealed that the second season's Kazuya Kamenashi was added to the cast.

Now, the number of returning alumni has again increased, adding three students each from the drama's first two seasons. Oguri will represent the first season, along with Yuma Ishigaki and Hiroki Narimiya. From the second season, Hayami will be joined by Teppei Koike and Keisuke Koide.

Although all six played delinquent students in their respective seasons, they have grown up to become respectable members of society. Together with Kamenashi's character, who has become a teacher in training, these graduates will lend their support to the beloved teacher "Yankumi," played by starring actress Yukie Nakama. This movie is said to be Nakama's last time to take on this role.

Filming for the movie finished on May 13. The picture opens in theaters on July 11.

28th-May-2009 08:17 pm - "Mr. Brain" premiere reaches 25%
Xander (U-Kiss)
TBS's aired the first episode of its "MR.BRAIN" drama series on Saturday. As expected for a drama starring Takuya Kimura, viewership ratings were high, achieving 24.8% in the Kanto region and 25.2% in Kansai.

Aside from Kimura, the show also features popular stars like Haruka Ayase and Hiro Mizushima. TBS has also been promoting the guest stars in each episode, such as Ebizo Ichikawa and Ryoko Hirosue in this premiere episode. Gackt and Kazuya Kamenashi are among the guests for future episodes.

This marks the best opening of any drama series this season by far, and it is also that time slot's (Saturday 8:00pm) highest ratings since TBS began airing dramas in the slot last spring.


I heard this drama is pretty funny, anyone else looking forward to it being subbed?
Brian (FttS) orly
Yoshiki of rock band X Japan is said to have been out on an "all-night date" with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. According to newspapers, the two shared a meal together on Wednesday night.

Yoshiki attended an event for the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne on Friday, where he was given the title of Chevalier. During the event, he was asked by reporters about his date with Zhang. He acknowledged that they had eaten together and ended up drinking until the morning. However, he clarified that they are just friends, and that they weren't alone as they watched a concert DVD.

Xander (U-Kiss)
An internet survey taken among first-year junior high school students asked them to rank celebrities by the statement, "That person would be nice to have as a teacher." 500 boys and girls participated in the survey, conducted by the company Superweb.

For the female rankings, actress Haruka Ayase came in first, while Arashi's Sho Sakurai topped the rankings for the male category. Professional baseball player Ichiro was first in the athlete category.

Ayase recently played the role of a junior high school teacher in the hit movie "Oppai Volleyball." She barely beat out actress Yukie Nakama, who starred as a teacher in the drama series "Gokusen."

In the men's category, Shinsuke Shimada placed second while Ryuta Sato of "ROOKIES" ranked third. Swimmer Kosuke Kitajima came in second behind Ichiro in the athlete rankings.

The survey also included a politician category, led by Hideo Higashikokubaru. He was followed by Barack Obama and Junichiro Koizumi.


-who would be your picks?
Xander (U-Kiss)
A new movie from director Eiji Uchida will feature actor Kazuki Kato ("Kamen Rider Kabuto," the "Prince of Tennis" musicals) in his first solo film lead. Titled "Dakara Oretachi wa, Asa wo Matteita," the suspenseful plot involves a group of eight men who converge in an unexpected situation.

The central stage is behind the closed doors of a high-class pawnshop. Kato (24) stars as a member of a group of thieves who has an unexpected past. Also playing a professional thief is Manabu Oshio (31), who is making his comeback to the field of acting after more than three years. Oshio last appeared in the 2006 series "Satomi Hakkenden," before getting married to actress Akiko Yada (30) later that year. In 2008, he transferred to Avex in hopes of reviving his singing and acting careers.

The rest of the cast includes Takashi Nagayama (30) as an apprentice to Oshio, and Shinji Takeda (36) as the pawnshop owner. Theatrical release is scheduled for February 2010.

Xander (U-Kiss)
Hideaki Takizawa (27) has picked up his first starring role in a serial drama since 2005. He will share the screen with Ryo Nishikido (24) in a TBS series tentatively titled "Orthros no Inu," named after the two-headed dog from Greek mythology.

The thrilling human drama has Takizawa playing the role of a mysterious and ambitious man with a wicked heart, who possesses the power to heal pain and illness with the touch of his hand. Nishikido, on the other hand, plays a high school teacher with a gentle heart, but who has the ability to kill with his touch. The two happen to meet, resulting in a battle of good and evil.

Takizawa's last starring role in a series was in the 2005 NHK taiga drama "Yoshitsune." Before that, he played the lead in Fuji TV's "Boku Dake no Madonna."

TBS will broadcast "Orthros no Inu" on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in July.


-sounds interesting! not that I need more dramas to watch...
16th-May-2009 06:44 pm - Make a music video for Morning Musume
♥ ♥ ai otsuka
Idol group Morning Musume is holding an "original promotion video" contest through their official MySpace page. Participants are being asked to submit their own creations for the PV of "3,2,1 BREAKIN' OUT!," which is the B-side of their latest single, "Shouganai Yume Oibito."

Contestants will have free access to the song's audio track and over 80 video clips of Morning Musume, shot against a green screen. The materials can be freely edited to create a complete music video.

Tsunku and Morning Musume members will serve as judges. Because "Shouganai Yume Oibito" is the group's 39th single, the winner of the contest will receive 390,000 yen. Submissions are being accepted until June 19, and the winner is expected to be announced in July when Tsunku and Morning Musume attend Anime Expo in Los Angeles. More details can be found on the MySpace page. (source)

i would so be all over this if i had any video making skills. :( i wonder what the prizes are!
12th-May-2009 12:13 am(no subject)
Kanon matches strong vocals and electronic arrangement with baroque cello for a unique and haunting sound that made her the Shojo Beat Music Awards Best Newcomer award winner for 2009. And she'll make her US debut right at Otakon! Best known for her song "Still Doll" the ending theme song to the anime Vampire Knight.{As was her second single for the second season closing}

Videos under the cutCollapse )

♥ ♥ ai otsuka

TOKYO (AFP) – A pop star with ageing Japanese boy band SMAP was arrested for public indecency, police said, amid reports he was naked, drunk and acting erratically in a central Tokyo park.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, 34, was arrested early in the morning near the Roppongi nightclub district after a local resident alerted police, a police spokesman said.

Television stations reported the arrest by flashing bulletins usually reserved for earthquakes and other major events, while television helicopters filmed the park from the air after sunrise.

Public broadcaster NHK placed a breaking news headline over its live footage of a parliamentary session on Japan's measures to fight Somali pirates.

"What's wrong with being naked?" Kusanagi reportedly yelled at a police officer who approached him.

The incident infuriated Communications Minister Kunio Hatoyama, whose ministry has featured Kusanagi in its campaign to promote the 2011 start of nationwide terrestrial digital broadcasting.

"If the report is true, I'm immensely angry... I'll drop him off everything related to terrestrial digital broadcasting," he told reporters. "I'll never forgive him."

Boy band SMAP gained fame from the early 1990s and became hugely popular in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with a string of chart-topping hits.

Its members have used their fame to get roles in television dramas and movies, and Kusanagi has starred in films and featured in many commercials.

In South Korea, he is better known as "Cho Nan Kang" and liked for his good command of the Korean language.

SMAP, one of many successful pop groups formed by Japanese talent agency Johnny and Associates, is an acronym for "Sports Music Assemble People." (source #1 and source #2)

i christian this comm open, btw.

kimutaku would be proud, bby.
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